So long, Awesometown!

What started out as a place to post my creative writings and share music back in 2010 has evolved into this little portal into my psyche known as my blog. I’ve had a good run on here, but have decided that my time is done. I will keep up to date on my currently out of date personal blog though! You can find that at

I’m thinking about deactivating my blog for awhile. I’d much rather be out experiencing all of the sublime landscapes and emotions that I see on here than reblogging pictures of people living the life I want to make for myself. If you’re interested in adding me on Facebook, send me a message on here within the next few days! I love all of you and appreciate all of the incredible, personal and vulgar things that we’ve shared together on this glorious site.


Somewhere outside of Salt Lake City, Utah

I would much rather be here than staring at a computer screen this evening.

Curvy women are real women. Skinny women are real women. Women who have had boob jobs or lip enhancements or liposuction are still real women. Size 0 may make no sense mathematically, but a woman who wears that size is as real as the one who wears a size 16. What makes us “real” people is not the shape of our flesh but our basic humanity. And we lose our humanity when we judge – not when we lose weight, gain weight, or make the intensely personal decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.
Hugo Schwyzer

How to Exercise With Your Cats [video]

my mind is telling me no

but my budget

my budget is also telling me no